Attack On Titan Cap For Cs 1.6

model Costume (Attack On Titan Cap) for CS 1.6

Green Body Armor For Cs 1.6

model Costume (Green Body Armor) for CS 1.6

[CS 1.6] Kill Effect (from) Survivor

The plugin adds a lightning effect with smoke at the place of the victim (zombie) when the survivor kills him

CS1.6 VIPClient Counter-Strike Client 1.6
CS1.6 VIPClient Counter-Strike Client 1.6
CS1.6 VIPClient client Counter-Strike 1.6

In order to start playing pure Counter-Strike 1.6 online, you no longer need to surf the Internet in search of a game client. Today, our website Ц Ц offers everyone the opportunity to download the original counter strike for free. The simple process of installing the game, understandable even to a child, will not raise any questions. Run the installer, select the folder where Contra will be installed and where shortcuts will be created to quickly launch the client, and click install.
Crossfire Models Converter [SMD]

We Present You an Old Tool But rare , this Tutorial is about Porting Crossfire Game Models To Counter Strike 1.6!
Knife: Skull T-9 Storm

Extra Item (Knife: Skull T-9 Storm) for CS 1.6
Updates NEW
Foundation for your build

ReHLDS (Reverse-engineered) - this is a new step forward that gives a second wind to our servers. ReHLDS works 2 times faster than HLDS.

AmxModx 1.8.3

AMXModX is a Metamod add-on that allows you to create new modifications for Half-Life in the Pawn language

Reunion 0.1.92

Reunion is a continuation of Dproto for ReHLDS. This is a metamod plugin that allows you to log into the 47/48 Non-Steam server.


Revoice is a Metamod plugin that allows voice chat between non-steam and steam clients.


The new Metamod-r contains a huge number of performance optimizations and much cleaner code. The kernel was written using a JIT compiler.

Ultimate Unprecacher 1.1

Ultimate Unprecacher is a plugin for MetaMod, it works on the principle of disabling unnecessary resources on your server, thereby you can free up space for resources for your plugins, using this module you can get rid of error 512!

ReAuthCheck 0.1.6

ReAuthCheck - this is a Metamod plugin that checks your players for validity, with this module for REHLDS you can protect your server from bots that constantly spam ads or simply clog up a slot on the server!

NetBufExtender (NBEX) 1.0

NetBufExtender or NBEX - This is a metamod plugin that expands the УInternet bufferФ: server and client buffers (not 100% guaranteed). Expands up to 64 kb. This means that players are less likely to be kicked with the error "Reliable channel overflowed"".

UserInfoNetOptimizer (UINO) 1.0

UINO Ч metamod plugin that allows you to remove unnecessary fields from userinfo(setinfo) when the engine passes it to other players on the server. This measure reduces the amount of data transferred and slightly reduces the chance of being kicked with "Reliable channel overflowed".


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